Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Back/Bicep Workout

So I guess I'll jump right into it and start with an exercise routine, since I have nothing to rant about (for the moment).

So to start I'm gonna mention that this is more of an advanced workout (there are probably tons of people who would find this easy, but they probably don't need to take exercise tips from me), but it can be tailored to your level (if necessary) via substitution.

On another note, my back has a bad habit of being the predominant muscle group that does the pulling motion, and since bicep isolation is difficult (using body weight with a few exceptions), I tend to try to burn out my back as much as possible before getting into pulling movements so that my biceps can take actually do some of the work.

1) Front lever hold (goal: 5 seconds), adv. tuck front lever pulls (to burn), straddle front lever hold (goal: 5 seconds) without rest
60-90 second rest
2) FL hold (goal: 4 seconds), adv. tuck FL pulls (to burn), straddle FL hold (goal: 4 seconds) w/o rest
60-90 second rest
3) FL hold (goal: 3 seconds), adv. tuck FL pulls (to burn), straddle FL hold (goal: 3 seconds) w/o rest

For these it's important to never drop your hips so that there is continuous strain on your shoulder and back.

2-3 minute rest

1) Side pull ups (from hang pull to right side, back to hang, then pull to left) 5 each side,
    Front lever ice cream makers (goal: 10 reps) w/o rest
repeat 3x w/60-90 rest in between

For these I'm gonna be nice and say dead hang isn't essential, but make sure to squeeze at the top.

2-3 minute rest

1) High wide grip chin ups (chest to bar) 10 reps, high regular chin ups 10 reps, rotating curls 10 reps on each arm (light weight) w/o rest
60-90 second rest
2) Wide grip chin ups 10 reps, high regular chin ups 10 reps, hammer curls 10 reps each arm
60-90 second rest
3) Wide grip chin ups 10 reps, chin ups 10 reps, rotating curls 5 reps, hammer curls 5 reps each arm

With the high chin ups make sure you're not kipping, otherwise you're taking away the work your biceps are doing. Your back is SUPPOSED to feel bloated and helpless so that your biceps can do the work.


That would constitute my home back/bicep workout, it's really time-efficient and builds on front lever training.

Any questions or comments would be appreciated, happy exercising!

PS: To those of you saying using dumbbells isn't "bodyweight," you can substitute the curls by doing bodyweight rows using gymnastic rings/resistance band or a long stick held against a doorway.

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